HOT ‘n’ Cold Series is here!

Last year we introduced the HOT ‘n’ Cold series. Houston Outdoor Target series, in the cold, where we shoot monthly targets tournaments through the fall and winter. So many of us enjoy shooting target, but it’s just so stinking hot through the summer months!

The neat thing about HnC is that, instead of having to shoot a certain distance based on your bow style and age,  you can choose your distances. Then, your score is multiplied by the first number of your score. This encourages archers to try further distances when they are ready, instead of having to shoot and not be ready or comfortable at a further distance.

The first tournament is on Sunday, October 4th. You can sign up for the tournament and/or the 2014-2015 awards banquet, being held Saturday, September 26th at X10 Archery, at the X10 Archery website.

All proceeds from the HOT ‘n’ Cold tournaments go to Buffalo Field Archery Club. X10 Archery take registrations and run the tournament, as their way of saying thank you for the great collaboration that we have.

We look forward to seeing new archers at HOT ‘n’ Cold. If you are an avid hunter, field or 3D shooter, come and try target. You will love it!

Half-Year Membership is Here!

Every year, Buffalo Field Archery Club offers a half-year membership from July 1st. This year, we are pleased to announce that we are bringing the date forward to June 1st! Non-volunteers can join for $130. Volunteer just twice and join for $80. Volunteering can be done at any event, or as part of ongoing maintenance.

The main reason we are doing this is to benefit the youth archers who will be on summer break, but everyone can take advantage. The increasing number of young archers are finding and using the facilities through USA Archery JOAD / AAP programs hosted by X10 Archery, and the TOTS series put on via the Texas State Archery Association (TSAA).

If you haven’t already, go to the Join BFAC page to get your early half-year membership. Remember, sharing gate codes is strictly forbidden and is not fair to the paying membership. Do the right thing!

We look forward to meeting our new members.

It’s time to renew your membership!

It’s that time of year when membership renewals are due for the 1st of the year, and the gate code will be changed and sent out to our renewing members.

We, the board of directors, at Buffalo Field Archery Club, have been listening to feedback and working hard to make BFAC the best that it can be for our members. With that in mind, we have implemented a new membership strategy that will enable us to continue improving, and allow our members to take some ownership and really feel part of the club.

2015 membership fees have a new tier, which provides members with the option to volunteer with club needs – or not! We recognize that not everyone has the time to assist with the many needs of our volunteer driven club, so you can opt in or out. If you are not able to volunteer, the membership fee is $200. If you are able to commit to helping out just two times in the year, the membership fee is $130.

This new structure will allow you to choose the areas in which you would like to volunteer, and the committee leader for that particular area will contact you to get you on the schedule at a mutually convenient time. By the way… you can volunteer as many times as you would like during the year. You are not limited to just two times! Your involvement will also give you a better understanding of how the club operates, and opens up avenues for new ideas to be considered.

With all that said, don’t delay, renew today! Just go to the Join BFAC page to make your payment.

Thank you for being a part of what makes Buffalo Field Archery Club the premier outdoor archery facility in Texas!
BFAC Directors

p.s. Look out for our new and improved website, coming soon!

HOT ‘n’ Cold Tournament, 11/15/14: Full

The HOT ‘n’ Cold tournament that is taking place on the practice range between 9am – noon, is now full. There will be limited access to the practice range at this time. The line will be run with whistles for all archers. Spectators are welcome! The field course will be fully open, as usual.

Practice Range Closed for TOTS: Saturday 9/13

This Saturday, September 13th, Buffalo Field Archery Club is hosting the penultimate TOTS tournament. TOTS is the Texas Outdoor Target Series, which has been running throughout the summer at various locations, and will culminate with the championship in Floresville on September 20th. We will have several Texas State target archery champions shooting at this event, which will be held on the practice range.

To this end, the practice range will be closed to members on Saturday, September 13th from 6am through approx 2pm. Inclement weather may extend the duration of the event. We will not have our usual “open to the public” morning, however, members will still be able to access and use the field range.

The range will be setup for the event on Friday, September 12th, with 12 FITA style targets spanning the practice range. Please do not move these targets, or shoot high powered compound bows into the FITA targets that are closer than 30m. You will have great difficulty in removing your arrows!

Thank you for understanding as we host this State event, which will provide great exposure for Buffalo Field Archery club, with many new families attending.

If you’re in the area, come along to watch the shoot, which starts at 9am for practice.

August Club Shoot


Remember … August 17th is the last scheduled shoot of the year. It will be a shotgun start at 9am. We will be giving out prizes to our board, volunteers and a few for members, so please be on hand to show your support for the hard work they all do to keep our club operating.

The two bows that are given away, will be held for the winners, but the other prizes – and there are some very nice prizes, require that the drawn member be present at the last shoot to win. If you have volunteered in the past year, your name is in the hat – once for every time you have volunteered, so don’t miss your chance at a 3D target, bow sight, quiver, stabilizer or any of the other prizes, because you missed out. This is the shoot you want to attend.

The moving target novelty will be in play, so bring some cash, and we’ll have a winner take all competition. I hope to see y’all out there tomorrow, so we can finish our 3D season with a bang.

Upcoming events this month in August

Hello BFAC members,

Please note that on Saturday, August 16th, the range will be closed all day for a private event, and will not be available to both the public and club members.

However, our club shoot for the month will be held the day after on Sunday, August 17th. We are tentatively scheduling to start registration at 8AM, followed by a shotgun start at 9AM, but the times may change depending on the weather. More information will be posted on the website as we get closer to the date of the event. As with any of the club shoots we have throughout the year, members of the public are welcome to visit the range during the shoot.

If you are interested in volunteering to assist with the setup of the course for the club shoot, please feel free to contact us to express your interest and availability for that weekend. When it comes to running these volunteer organized events, every little bit helps.

Thank you, and we hope you stay cool out there!

2014 Texas ASA Federation State Championship at BFAC – July 12 and 13th

Hello all,

This upcoming weekend (July 12th and 13th), Buffalo Field will be proud to host the 2014 Texas ASA Federation State Championship. For more information and details about the times and format of the shoot, please visit the following link:

If you are interested in volunteering with the operations of the shoot, or to help with the setup/takedown of the course, please contact us as soon as possible with your interest. Thank you!